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ER 1845
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Funerary inscription of Presbyter Valerianus from Vif (Gaul), died 577/579.
cr. monogr. sous arceau
In hunc tumulum re-
quiiscit in pace bone
memoriae famolus D(e)i
Valerianus presb(yter), in spe
resurrexiones mesere-
cordiae Chr(ist)i; qui uixit an(no)s
LV; obiit VII idus marti-
as, XXXVII post cons(ulatum) Ba-
sili v(iri) c(larissimi) indictione duode-
  croix          chrisme          croix
monogr.   alpha  omega  monogr.
(Recueil des inscriptions chrétiennes de la Gaule: XV, 239)
staurogram under an arch
In this tomb lies in peace servant of God Presbyter Valerianus of good memory, in hope of resurrection and mercy of Christ; who lived 55 years; died on the 7th day before the Ides of March, 37 [years] after the consulate of illustrious Basilus, in the twelfth [year] of indiction.
chrismon flanked by the letters alpha and omega and two staurograms
(trans. J. Szafranowski)


The exact dating is not possible, since the year of the consulate does not correspond to the year of indiction. The 37th year after the consulate of Basilus was either 577 (using modus Victorianus) or 578 (using modus Marcellianus). The twelfth year of the indiction starts in 578, but on the 1st of September. Since the inscription dates to the 9th of March (the 7th ides of March), the year 579 must also be taken into consideration. For more on the problems with agreeing the years of consulate with the years of indiction, see RICG, Introduction, nos. 93, 94, and 98.

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Vif

About the source:

Origin: Vif (Gaul)
The limestone bearing this inscription served as the construction material during the erection of the Romanesque church build in Vif (located 16 km south of Grenoble) after a Benedictine abbey was established there in 1035. The stone was found in 1965 during the restoration of the church now used by the parish.
Dimensions: 47 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm, the inscription covers 32 cm, with letters of 2 to 3 cm height.
F. Descombes (ed.), Recueil des inscriptions chrétiennes de la Gaule, vol. XV, Paris 1985, no. XV, 239.
Trismegistos no. 448588
Epigraphik Datenbank Clauss/Slaby no. EDCS-30200111


Burial/Funerary inscription
Functions within the Church - Parish presbyter
Functions within the Church - Rural presbyter
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
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