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DRAFT: The clergy of Cirta (Constantina, North Africa), among them presbyters, are present when the property of the Church is catalogued by the authorities during the persecutions, 303 AD. Fragment of the acts of Munatius Felix, the permanent priest (''flamen perpetuus"), 303 AD, preserved in "Gesta apud Zenophilum", 320 AD.
[...] Sedente Paulo episcopo, Montano et Uictore Deusatelio et Memorio presbyteris, adstante Marte cum Helio diaconis, Marcuclio Catullino Siluano et Caroso subdiaconis, Ianuario Meraclo Fructuoso Miggine Saturnino Uictore et ceteris fossoribus, contra scribente Uictore Aufidi.
the inventory of the Church property follows.
(ed. Ziwsa 1893: 186-187)
[...] Bishop Paul set down with the presbyters Montanus, Victor, Deusatelius and Memorius, and there were standing: the deacons Mars and Helius, the subdeacons Marcuclius, Catulinus, Silvanus, and Carosus, with lanuarius, Meraclus, Fructuosus, Miggis, Saturninus, Victore and other fossors; Victor, the son of Aufius was writing down.
the inventory of the Church property follows.
(trans S. Adamiak)


It is not sure whether there were three or four presbyters present at the occasion. I follow PCBE, that treats Victor Deusatelius as one person.
Repeated in Augustine, "Against Cresconius", 3, 33.

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Constantina

About the source:

Title: Gesta apud Zenophilum
Origin: Milevis (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
In 320 AD the process was staged before Zenophilus, against Silvanus, the Donatist bishop of Cirta, accused of many crimes, among them simony. The proceedings of the process were preserved and transmitted in the dossier of anti-Donatist documents, probably gathered by the Catholics between 330 and 347. Their only complete text comes from the 9th c. manuscript of the work of Optatus (the manuscript of Cormery), so they are usually edited together with the works of Optatus; their authenticity is discussed, but rather accepted. They were known to Optatus and to Augustine, who uses them in "Against Cresconius".
K. Ziwsa ed., S. Optati Milevitani libri VII accedunt decem monumenta vetera ad Donatistarum historia pertinentia, Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 26, Prague-Wien-Leipzig 1893.
Optatus: Against the Donatists, translated and edited by Mark Edwards, Liverpool 1997.
Y. Duval, Chrétiens d’Afrique à l’aube de la paix constantinienne: les premiers échos de la grande persécution, Paris 2000.


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