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Augustine, bishop of Hippo Regius (North Africa), refers to Presbyters Orosius, Jerome, and Urbanus in the context of the Pelagian controversy. Augustine, Sermon 348A (Dolbeau 30), AD 416.
Sermon 348A, with added text (Dolbeau 30)
6. [...] Gesta quidem ad nos nondum peruenerunt. Verumtamen, quia solemus ei tamquam seruo dei familiariter scribere, ut ipse nobis, priore anno, cum filius meus presbyter Orosius, qui nobiscum est ex Hispania seruus dei, isset ad orientem cum litteris meis, scripsi per eundem ad eundem Pelagium, non eum notans litteris meis, sed exhortans audiret a presbytero quod mandaui. Verum autem presbyter locum ipsum ubi ille erat iam illius praedicationibus et fratrum dissensionibus perturbatissimum inuenit; inde retulit ad me litteras sancti multumque nobis pro merito aetatis et sanctitatis et eruditionis uenerandi presbyteri Hieronymi, omnibus noti.  [...]
11. [...] Sanctus frater et coepiscopus meus, Vrbanus noster, qui hic presbyter fuit et modo est Siccensis episcopus, cum remeasset ab urbe Roma et ibi cum quodam talia sentiente confligeret uel se conflixisse narraret, hoc mihi ait illum dixisse, cum urgeretur pondere orationis dominicae.
(Dolbeau 1995: 56.60)
Sermon 348A, with added text (Dolbeau 30)
6. [...] I have been in habit of writing to him in a friendly way as a servant of God, as he has done to me, and so last year, when my son the presbyter Orosius, who is a servant of God with us from Spain, had gone to the East with letters of mine, I wrote by him to the same Pelagius, not branding him in my letter as a heretic, but urging him to hear from the priest what I had commissioned him to say. This presbyter, however, found the place where Pelagius was staying to be all at sixes and sevens and the brethren at all odds about his preaching; he has brought me a letter from the holy presbyter Jerome, for whom I have the greates veneration on account of his age, his sanctity and his learning and who is well known to you all. [...]
11. [...] My holy brother and fellow bishop, our Urbanus, who was a presbyter here, and is now a bishop of Sicca, when he got back from Rome and there crossed swords with him [Pelagius] when he was being pressed hard by the weight of  the Lord’s prayer. [...]
(trans. E. Hill, slighltly altered)

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Hippo Regius
  • Constantina

About the source:

Author: Augustine of Hippo
Title: Sermons, Sermones, Homilies
Origin: Hippo Regius (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Copies of between 400 and 500 of Augustine`s sermons have survived to our times. Most of these 400-500 sermons were taken down by scribes as he preached without the use of a prepared script. They are a faithful stenographic record of what Augustine actually said, with probably no subsequent editing of them by himself.
They cover a wide range of topics. They are usually based on the Scripture passage read during the liturgy. The homilies on the Psalms and the Gospels have been preserved in separate collections.
F. Dolbeau ed., Le sermon 348A de saint Augustin contre Pélage. Édition du texte intégral, Recherches Augustiniennes 28 (1995), 53-63.
Saint Augustine, Newly Discovered Sermons, trans. E. Hill, New York 1997.


Travel and change of residence
Ecclesiastical transfer
Further ecclesiastical career - Bishop
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Relation with - Another presbyter
Relation with - Heretic/Schismatic
Education - Theological interest
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