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Augustine, bishop of Hippo Regius (North Africa) recounts how he preached as presbyter in the presence of bishops at the Council of Hippo (AD 393). Augustine, "Retractions", AD 426/427.
Book 1
17. Per idem tempus coram episcopis hoc mihi iubentibus, qui plenarium totius Africae concilium Hippone Regio agebant, de fide ac symbolo presbyter disputaui.
(ed. Mutzenbacher 1984: 52)
Book 1
17. During the same period, in the presence of the bishops who ordered me to do this and who were holding a plenary council of all of Africa at Hippo Regius, I gave a talk as a presbyter on faith and the creed.
(trans. B. Ramsey)


It was in recognition of his rhetorical skills and intellectual prowess that Augustine was asked to preach in the presence of the bishops gathered for the council. Preaching by presbyters was not a normal practice in the African Church at that time (see [423]).

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Hippo Regius

About the source:

Author: Augustine of Hippo
Title: Retractions, Retractationes, Revisions Revisions
Origin: Hippo Regius (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
In about 426/427 AD Augustine, 72 years old at the time, wrote “Retractions”: a kind of an annotated bibliography of his own works.
A. Mutzenbacher ed., Sancti Aurelii Augustini Retractationum libri II, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 57, Turnhout 1984.
Saint Augustine, Revisions, trans. B. Ramsey, New York 2000.


Further ecclesiastical career - Bishop
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Ecclesiastical administration - Participation in councils and ecclesiastical courts
Equal prerogatives of presbyters and bishops
Education - Theological interest
Pastoral activity - Preaching
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