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Augustine of Hippo (North Africa) refers to his recent ordination as the coadjutor of Bishop Valerius. Augustine, Letter 31, AD 396/397.
Letter 31
4. [...] Sed qua ecclesiae cura tenear, ex hoc uestra caritas oportet adtendat, quod beatissimus pater Valerius, qui uos nobis cum quantum salutet quantum que sitiat, audietis ex fratribus, nec presbyterum me esse suum passus est, nisi maiorem mihi coepiscopatus sarcinam inponeret. [...]
(ed. Goldbacher 1898: 4)
Letter 31
4. [...] But Your Charity ought to consider the care for the Church by which I am bound because my most blessed father, Valerius, who greets you heartily along with us and longs for you much, as you will hear from the brothers, did not allow me to be his presbyter without imposing upon me the greater burden of being his coadjutor in the episcopacy.
(trans. R. Teske, slightly modified)

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Hippo Regius

About the source:

Author: Augustine of Hippo
Title: Letters, Epistulae
Origin: Hippo Regius (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The letters of Augustine of Hippo cover a wide range of topics: Holy Scripture, dogma and liturgy, philosophy, religious practice and everyday life. They range from full-scale theological treatises to small notes asking someone for a favour. The preserved corpus includes 308 letters, 252 written by Augustine, 49 that others sent to him and seven exchanged between third parties. 29 letters have been discovered only in the 20th century and edited in 1981 by Johannes Divjak; they are distinguished by the asterisk (*) after their number.
The preserved letters of Augustine extend over the period from his stay at Cassiciacum in 386 to his death in Hippo in 430.
A. Goldbacher ed., S. Augustini Hipponiensis Episcopi Epistulae, Pars 2, Ep. 31-123, Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 34/2,  Prague-Vienna-Leipzig 1898.
Saint Augustine, Letters 1-99, trans. R. Teske, New York 2001.


Further ecclesiastical career - Bishop
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
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