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Augustine, bishop of Hippo (North Africa), mentions the Spanish presbyter Orosius and his travels in his letter to Evodius, bishop of Uzalis. Letter 169, AD 415.
Letter 169
13. [...] Occasionem quippe cuiusdam sanctissimi et studiosissimi iuuenis, presbyteri Orosii, qui ad nos ab ultima Hispania, id est ab Oceani litore solo sanctarum scripturarum ardore flammatus aduenit, amittere nolui. Cui, ut ad illum quoque pergeret, persuasi. [...]
(ed. Goldbacher 1904: 621)
Letter 169
13. [...] I did not want to lose the opportunity provided by a certain very holy and eager man, the presbyter Orosius, who came to us from the furthest reaches of Spain, that is, from the shore of the Ocean, ablaze only with the love of the holy scriptures. I persuaded him to continue on to him [Jerome]. [...]
(trans. R. Teske, slightly altered)

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Iberian Peninsula
  • East
  • Hippo Regius
  • Bethlehem

About the source:

Author: Augustine
Title: Letters, Epistulae
Origin: Hippo Regius (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The letters of Augustine of Hippo cover a wide range of topics: Holy Scripture, dogma and liturgy, philosophy, religious practice and everyday life. They range from full-scale theological treatises to small notes asking someone for a favour. The preserved corpus includes 308 letters, 252 written by Augustine, 49 that others sent to him and seven exchanged between third parties. 29 letters have been discovered only in the 20th century and edited in 1981 by Johannes Divjak; they are distinguished by the asterisk (*) after their number.
The preserved letters of Augustine extend over the period from his stay at Cassiciacum in 386 to his death in Hippo in 430.
A. Goldbacher ed., S. Augustini Hipponiensis Episcopi Epistulae, Pars 3, Ep. 124-184A, Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 44, Vienna-Leipzig 1904.
Saint Augustine, Letters 156-210, trans. R. Teske, New York 2004.


Travel and change of residence
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Ecclesiastical administration - Ecclesiastical envoy
Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
Devotion - Reading the Bible and devotional literature
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