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ER 493
Graffiti on the altar with the names of presbyters Aigo and Dexter, found in Egara (Iberian Peninsula), between 7th and 10th century.
Agila / Aigo p(res)b(yte)r dei / Dexter p(res)b(yte)r / Froila / Gamius Gamio / Lautariu[s] / Reswentus Hunyruc / Sallomon [3] / Sena[3]r / Widigelus / Zerimundo
(Hispania Epigraphica Online Database no. 29967)
Agila, Aigo presbyter of God, Dexter presbyter, Froila, Gamius, Gamio, Lautarius, Reswentus, Huniric, Salomon, [...], Sena[...]r, Widigelus, Zerimundo
(trans. by M. Szada)

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Egara

About the source:

Origin: Egara (Iberian Peninsula)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The altar from the church in Egara is covered with graffiti, only some of which is legible. They are mainly names, of clerics as well as of laymen. They were scratched between the 7th and the 10th century (Hübner 1871, no. 190). Vives (1942, no. 332) gives analogies from Barcelona and Vilafranca.
Hispania Epigraphica Online Database, no. 29967
Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss / Slaby, no. EDCS-38700088
E. Hübner, Inscriptiones Hispaniae christianae, Berlin 1871, n. 190
J. Vives, Inscripciones cristianas de la España romana y visigoda, Barcelona 1942, no. 332


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
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