Presbyters Uniwersytet Warszawski
ER 2390
Draft: Presbyters Desiderius and Riparius inform Jerome of Stridon about the errors of Vigilantius.
Auctores sunt huius dictatiunculae meae sancti presbyteri Riparius et Desiderius, qui parrochias suas uicinia istius dicunt esse maculatas, miserunt que libros per fratrem Sisinnium, quos inter crapulam stertens euomuit.
(Adversus Vigilantium, 3)


The entire Letter 109 of Jerome is addressed to Riparius, in

About the source:

Author: Jerome
Title: Adversus Vigilantium


Functions within the Church - Parish presbyter
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Education - Theological interest
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