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ER 2038
Funerary inscription of the Presbyter Leo in Rome. 4th/5th c.
Hic (h)abet sede(m) / Leo pr(es)b(yter)
(ed. Epigraphik Datenbank Clauss/Slaby no. EDCS-40400355)
This is the place of the Presbyter Leo.
(trans. S. Adamiak)


The inscription is on a marble slab, 32 × 61 × 3 cm. Originally in the cemetery of Hippolytus on the Via Tiburtina, now in the museum of the Abbacy of Grottaferrata.  According to the Epigraphic Database Bari, it comes from AD 390-424.

Place of event:

  • Rome
  • Rome

About the source:

Origin: Rome (Rome)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Inscriptiones Christianae Urbis Romae, Nova Series, 7, 20105 (Ferrua, Antonio; 1980).
Trismegistos no. 308127.
Epigraphik Datenbank Clauss/Slaby no. EDCS-404003552.
E. Diehl (ed.), Inscriptiones Latinae Christianae Veteres, vol. 1, ed. 2., Berlin 1961, no. 1128a.
Epigraphic Database Bari, no. 18497.


Burial/Funerary inscription
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
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