Presbyters Uniwersytet Warszawski
ER 1950
Funerary inscription of Patrikis, presbyter of Mertola (Iberian Peninsula), died afer AD 544.
1 + Ἔνθα κατά-
κιτε Εὐτύχ-
ες, ἀναγνόσ-
4 τες Λιβισιντε
οὺς, υἱὸς Ζωσί-
μου Εἰσιδωρ-
ίτου ἔζεσεν
8 ἤτη κα´ ἔρα
Ἔνθα κατά-
κιτε Πατρί-
12 κις υἱὼς Γερα-
σίμου, πρεσ(βύτερος)
+ Ἔνθα κατάκι-
[τε ---]ν δ ων-
16 [ιος ? ζήσ]αντι
[- - -] ω
[---] ι
(ed. Santos 1991: 142)
+ Here lies Eutyches, lector of Lisbon, son of Zosimos son of Isidoritos. He lived twenty-one years. 582 year of the era [=AD 544].
Here lies Patrikis, son of Gerasimos, presbyter.
+ Here lies (...)ndon(ios ?) who lived ...
(trans. M. Szada)

Place of event:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Mértola

About the source:

Origin: Mértola (Iberian Peninsula)
Inscription on limestone, dimensions 137 cm x 54 cm x 10 cm. It was inscribed in three successive phases. The earliest one is the inscription of Eutyches of Lisbon, dated to the year 582 of the Spanish era, that is to AD 544. Sometime after that date the inscription of Patrikis was added. The last one, according to palaeographical analysis, is the inscription of Santos; it could be inscribed as late as the 7th century. The inscription is currently in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Non-Latin Origin - Greek
Burial/Funerary inscription
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Relation with - Father/Mother
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