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Pope Leo the Great recommends to the Emperor Marcian his representatives to the Council of Chalcedon: Bishops Paschasinus of Lilybaeum (Sicily) and the Presbyter Boniface of Rome. Letter 94 of Pope Leo the Great, written in Rome, AD 451.
Letter 94 [inc. "Sanctum clementiae"]
Leo episcopus Marciano Augusto.
Sanctum clementiae vestrae studium, quo ad reparationem pacis ecclesiasticae synodum habere voluistis, adeo libenter accepi, ut, quamvis eam fieri intra Italiam poposcissem, et aptius exspectari tempus optassem, quo scilicet plurimi possent episcopi etiam de longinquioribus provinciis evocari, mox tamen ut mihi pietatis vestrae scripta sunt tradita, et Bonifacium de compresbyteris meis ab Urbe direxerim, et de episcopis fratrem meum Paschasinum de Sicilia fecerim navigare, qui vicem meam sufficienter implerent, datis per eosdem epistolis ad eos qui legationem ante susceperant, ut ipsi quoque praedictis ad implendas partes meae praesentiae iungerentur, gloriosissime imperator. [...]
(Patrologia Latina 54, 941 = Ballerini 1753: 1075)
Letter 94 [inc. "Sanctum clementiae"]
Bishop Leo to Marcian Augustus
I have received so gladly the holy zeal of your Clemency by which you decided to hold a council to restore peace of the church that, although I had asked to hold it in Italy and I wished that we would have waited for a more convenient date, that is, such which would allow to summon also the bishops from the more distant provinces, as soon as I was given the letter of your Piety, I have dispatched Boniface, one of my fellow presbyters from the City, and I made my brother Paschasinus of Sicily, one of the bishops, to make a journey. They would aptly act on my behalf. I will send, o most glorious emperor, through them the letters to those who had been already sent as envoys so that they could also join the aformentioned [Boniface and Paschasinus] in representing my person.
(trans. M. Szada)


For the detailed discussion about the convocation of the Council of Chalcedon see Price 2011.

Place of event:

  • Rome
  • East
  • Rome
  • Constantinople
  • Cos

About the source:

Author: Leo the Great
Title: Letters, Epistulae
Origin: Rome (Rome)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Leo the Great was the bishop of Rome from AD 440 to his death in AD 461. We have the collection of 173 letters of Leo.
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Patrologia Latina, vol. 54
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Ecclesiastical administration - Participation in councils and ecclesiastical courts
Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
Relation with - Monarch and royal/imperial family
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