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Winnocus, a hermit from Brittany or Britain, is visiting Tours on his way to Jerusalem. He is ordained presbyter by Bishop Gregory of Tours in order to keep him in the city, ca AD 577. Account of Gregory of Tours, "Histories", Tours (Gaul), AD 573–594.
Tunc Winnocus Britto in summa abstinentia a Brittaniis venit Toronus, Hierusolimis accedere cupiens, nullum alium vestimentum nisi de pellibus ovium lana privatis habens; quem nos, quo facilius teneremus, quia nobis relegiosus valde videbatur, presbiterii gratia honoravimus.
(ed. Krusch 1937: 229)
At this time [around AD 577] a Breton [or Briton] Winnocus, [who practised] extreme abstinence, came from Brittany to Tours, wishing to travel to Jerusalem. He wore no clothes except those from sheep skins deprived of wool. In order to keep him more easily [with ourselves], as he seemed to be a most pious man, we [i.e. Gregory of Tours] honoured him with the grace of presbyterate.
(trans. Thorpe 1974: 287–288, altered by J. Szafranowski)


Judging on the place which the visit of Winnocus in Tours takes in Gregory's narrative, he was ordained presbyter around 577.
The sad fate of Winnocus is presented by Gregory in VIII.34, see [1920].

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Tours

About the source:

Author: Gregory of Tours
Title: The History of the Franks, Gregorii episcopi Turonensis historiarum libri X, Histories
Origin: Tours (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Gregory of Tours (Gaul) wrote his ten books of Histories (known commonly in English as the History of the Franks) during his episcopal reign in Tours between 573 and 594. The books vary in scope and length. The first book covers 5596 years from the creation of the world to AD 397, that is the death of Saint Martin of Tours, Gregory`s predecessor in bishopric. The second book deals with the history of Gaul between 397 and 511, the latter being the year of death of King Clovis I. The third and fourth book cover the next 64 years till the death of Austrasian King Sigibert II in 575. Finally, the following six books describe exclusively the sixteen years from 575 to 591. Probably in 594, Gregory added in the end of the Histories the list of bishops of Tours with brief accounts of their actions.
B. Krusch ed., Gregorii Episcopi Turonensis Historiarum Libri X [in:] Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores rerum Merovingiciarum 1.1, Hannover 1884 (repr. 1951): 1­-537.
Gregory of Tours, The History of the Franks, trans. L. Thorpe, London 1974.


Food/Clothes/Housing - Clothes
Travel and change of residence
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Monastic or common life - Hermit
Fame of sanctity
Former ecclesiastical career - None
Non-Latin Origin
Reasons for ordination - Patronage
Devotion - Pilgrimage
Devotion - Ascetic practice
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