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ER 1527
Presbyter Launoueus signs the synodal letter of the Fourth Council of Paris (Gaul, AD 573) on behalf of his absent bishop.
Preceding are the signatures of thirty two bishops.
Launoueus presbyter in uicem Ricomeri Aurelianorum episcopi constitutionem nostram subscripsi.
(ed. de Clercq 1963: 213, summarised by J. Szafranowski)
Preceding are the signatures of thirty two bishops.
I, Presbyter Launoueus, sign our decree in the name of Bishop Ricomer of Orléans.
(trans. and sumarised by J. Szafranowski)

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Paris
  • Orléans

About the source:

Title: Fourth Council of Paris, Concilium Parisiense IV anno 573
Origin: Paris (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
The Fourth Council of Paris was called in order to resolve a dispute between Kings Sigibert and Guntram. The subject of the quarrel was the appointment of Presbyter Promotus to the bishopric of Châteaudun (Castellodunum, Duno). This castle, itself in the possession of Sigibert, was placed in the diocese of Chartres, the city belonging to the realm of Guntram. Sigibert pleaded to the Bishop Aegidius of Reims who consecrated Promotus a bishop. The bishops gathered in Paris, all coming from the kingdom of Gunram, condemned this ordination. The acts of this synod conist of three letters, the first of which is the address of Bishop Pappolus of Chartres to the council. The second letter was sent by the synodal fathers to Aegidius of Reims: the bishops condemned his actions and deposed Promotus. In the last letter, the bishops ask Sigibert not to support Promotus any longer.
Gregory of Tours left the account of these events in his Histories (4.47). The fate of Promotus is described later in 7.17.
C. de Clercq ed., Concilia Galliae a. 511-a. 695, Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 148 A, Turnhout 1963.
J. Gaudemet, B. Basdevant, Les canons des conciles mérovingiens VIe-VIIe siècles, Sources chrétiennes 353, Paris 1989.


Travel and change of residence
Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Ecclesiastical administration - Participation in councils and ecclesiastical courts
Relation with - Bishop/Monastic superior
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