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ER 1483
Pope Anastasius I sends a letter to Simplicianus, the bishop of Milan, via the Presbyter Eusebius, who is also an enemy of the heresy of Origen (Letter 95 in the epistolary of Jerome), AD 400.
3. Haec sanctitati tuae scripsimus per Eusebium presbyterum, qui calorem fidei gestans et amorem circa Deum habens quaedam capitula blasphemiae obtulit, quae nos non solum horruimus et iudicauimus, uerum etiam, si qua alia sunt ab Origene exposita, cum suo auctore pariter a nobis scias esse damnata.
(ed. Hilberg 1912: 158)
3. I send this letter to your holiness by the hand of the presbyter Eusebius, a man filled with a glowing faith and love for the Lord. He has shown to me some blasphemous chapters which made me shudder as I passed judgement on them. If Origen has put forth any other writings, you are to know that they and their author are alike condemned by me.
(trans. W.H. Fremantle, G. Lewis and W.G. Martley;


Anastasius I was the bishop of Rome between late 399 and 401. Simplicianus succeeded Ambrose as the bishop of Milan in 397 and died in 400.

Place of event:

  • Rome
  • Italy north of Rome with Corsica and Sardinia
  • Rome
  • Milan

About the source:

Author: Anastasius I
Title: Letter to Simplicianus, Epistula ad Simplicianum Mediolanensem episcopum
Origin: Rome (Rome)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
I. Hilberg ed., Sancti Eusebii Hieronymi Epistulae, Pars 2, Ep. 71-120, Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 55, Vienna-Leipzig 1912, 157-158.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Ecclesiastical administration - Ecclesiastical envoy
Reverenced by
Education - Theological interest
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