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Presbyter and abbot Honoratus from Lérins visits his fatherland (most probably in North-East Gaul) to convert to monasticism Hilary, later his successor to the bishopric of Arles. Account in the "Sermon on the Life of St. Honoratus" by Hilary of Arles, writing in Arles (Gaul, ca AD 431).
Mei enim gratia, quod ad meritum suum et iudicium meum pertinet, patriam quam fastidierat non dedignatur accedere; nec refugit laborem tanti itineris suis praecipue multis iamdudum infirmitatibus grauem. Venit meque in illis iam annis nimis amicum saeculo et contumacem Deo, ut seductor et uerax, ad amorem Christi blanda manu temptat.
(ed. Valentin 1977: 132–134)
For, because of me, a thing that redounds to his merit and my judgement, he did not disdain to approach the native land which he had contemned, nor did he flee the toil of so long a journey, especially grievous as it was to him because of the many infirmities that had so long afflicted him. And even in those years, when I was too close a friend of the world and obstinate toward God, as an honest seducer he turned me with his gentle hand to the love of Christ.
(trans. Deferrari 1952: 381, altered by J. Szafranowski)

Place of event:

  • Gaul
  • Lérins
  • Arles

About the source:

Author: Hilary of Arles
Title: Life of St. Honoratus of Arles, Vita Sancti Honorati Arelatensis, Sermon on the Life of St. Honoratus, Sermo sancti Hilarii de vita sancti Honorati, Sermo de vita sancti Hilarii Arelatensis episcopi
Origin: Arles (Gaul)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Sermon on the Life of St. Honoratus was presented by Hilary of Arles at the first (most probably) anniversary of Honoratus` death. Honoratus died in 430 just two years after having been made the bishop of Arles. His successor was Hilary himself, his fellow countryman and pupil, who accompanied Honoratus when he left the monastery on the island of Lérins (of which Honoratus was founder and first abbot) for his new episcopal position in Arles. After some time, Hilary returned to the monastery only to venture back to Arles, when he was chosen by dying Honoratus as his worthy successor in bishopric.
M.–D. Valentin ed., Hilaire d’Arles, Vie de Saint Honorat, Sources Chrétiennes 235, Paris 1977 (along with a French tranlsation).
St. Hilary, Sermon on the Life of St. Honoratus, transl. R. J. Deferrari [in:] Early Christian Biographies, ed. R. J. Deferrari, The Fathers of the Church v. 15, Washington, D. C. 1952.


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