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Augustine of Hippo Regius (North Africa) prays for the demoniacs and heals them, both as a presbyter and as a bishop. AD 391-430. Account of Possidius, "Life of Augustine", AD 432/437.
Chapter 29
[...] Novi quoque eumdem et presbyterum et episcopum pro quibusdam energuminis patientibus ut oraret rogatum, eum que in oratione lacrimas fundentem Deum rogasse, et daemones ab hominibus recessisse. [...]
(ed. A.A.R. Bastiaensen 1975: 210)
Chapter 29
[...] I know also that both while he was presbyter and bishop, when asked to pray for certain demoniacs, he entreated God in prayer with many tears and the demons departed from the men. [...]

Place of event:

  • Latin North Africa
  • Hippo Regius

About the source:

Author: Possidius
Title: Life of Augustine, Vita Augustini
Origin: Calama (Latin North Africa)
Denomination: Catholic/Nicene/Chalcedonian
Possidius lived from 391 in the monastic community of Augustine in Hippo. After 397 he became bishop of Calama. Between AD 432 (the death of the Roman General Bonifatius) and AD 437 (the exile of Catholic bishops by the Vandal King Geiseric) he composed "The Life of Augustine", a substantially reliable biography of Augustine.
A.A.R. Bastiaensen ed., Vita dei santi III, Roma-Milano 1975, 130-240.


Described by a title - Presbyter/πρεσβύτερος
Ritual activity - Presiding at prayer
Ritual activity - Exorcism
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